Why Study at Rings Road Art Studio

The objective of Rings Road Art Studio is to enable students to learn skills and techniques required for art production by focusing and encouraging the development of student’s technical ability. The learning of fundamental technical skills provides students with the foundations for exploring all genres of art.

Folio Prep Classes at Rings Road

This course will assist students who are either currently completing or approaching their VCE years to develop a folio of drawings and paintings. An integral part of in this course is to assist students to develop and enhance their technical skills and understandings of the essential principles of art making. If you are interested in joining our classes for Folio enhancement enquire now.
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Juniors Classes at Rings Road

Juniors Art Classes will focus on learning the fundamental aspects and principles of art making.
This ongoing art course aims to provide a fun and friendly environment whilst exploring techniques of basic drawing and painting. If you are interested in joining Term 4 please register your interest via email through the contact form below or on our contact page.
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Sculpting a face- Mouldmaking

June 20th, 2019|0 Comments

After completing their relief sculptures in clay our folio prep students have now made their plaster mould. We started off with a skim coat to capture details followed by a thicker layer of plaster to [...]

Studio closed for Term 3

June 4th, 2019|0 Comments

To all current and future students. As some of you already know Rings Road Art studio will be closed from July 8thand re opening for Term 4 in October.  I will be taking a much-needed [...]