The studio is an art school and the working art studio of professional artist Effie Mandalos, who opened the doors in October 2009, with the aim to establish a school that provides skills based training in art making. The objective of Rings Road Art Studio is to enable students to learn skills and techniques required for art production by focusing and encouraging the development of student’s technical ability. The learning of fundamental technical skills provides students with the foundations for exploring all genres of art.

The art classes will assist participants at all levels of skill and experience to develop observational and interpretive methods in drawing and painting. Classes provide the opportunity for students to enhance their artistic awareness through various processes of seeing and by working in a range of media. In all painting and drawing classes, students will discover aspects of historical and contemporary concepts in art through their own production of artworks.

I like my teacher Effie. She loves art and it shows in her enthusiasm, it makes me get excited and be open to learning. She is amazing in her teaching abilities and her artist abilities too- a rare combination!

Carly Nash

I love that I have learnt so much in a whole semester, more than I’ve know before and have learnt at school.


Simply amazing work comes out from this school~ ❤️.

Nicole Leo

Great place and a very talented and gifted art teacher and artists. Beautiful person. You will learn heaps.

Claude Duse

What I love about this studio is that Effie is an inspired teacher (as are the other teachers) which results in wonderful outcomes as was the case with the life drawing class sculpting in clay from observation in order to understand form which in turn better informed our drawing skills. It was a truly inspired approach and there’s always great excitement in classes because you never know what the end results will be but they are always wonderful. That whole process was genius and the vibe that exists in all classes I’ve taken is wonderful.

Maria Galanis

I am finally learning the proper techniques for drawing and painting in a proper studio environment where art equals passion and much more than a passing hobby. Everyone is treated as a developing artist and encouraged and challenged. I love the fact I am surrounded by like minded people. I have become part of the community 🙂

Leanne Glascott