Drawing Art Classes

Drawing Art Classes

Art classes in drawing are key and fundamental to all art making. The practice of drawing allows us to develop visual communication skills; it enables the development of ideas and of problem solving skills through and within art making. By exploring various ways of seeing, composing and mark making, the practice of drawing also provides the basis for ongoing art studies.

Drawing classes at the school will assist participants of all level of skills and experience, to develop observational and interpretive methods in drawing. Students will explore skills in close observation and will learn ways to compose images informed by essential principles of art.

Drawing classes will also aim to develop student’s skills in the use of different media and techniques, and to develop their capacity to understand and control the chosen medium. Media used will include: pencil; charcoal and compressed charcoal; soft and hard dry pastel; oil pastel; pen and wash; ink; collage; and mixed media.
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Folio Preparation & Enhancement (Teenagers 15-18yrs)

The Folio Preparation is broad based and caters to building a body of work for presentation. Students who require tuition in specific areas (for example, life drawing, general drawing, oil painting) may like to consider other focused disciplines taught at the school.

All teachers have a comprehensive understanding and experience within VELS (Victorian Essential Learning Standards) and VCE studies. All are practising artists or designers, and have extensive industry experience.

The school also engages specialist practitioners as guest teachers for workshops and short courses. These have included: sculptors; fashion designers and seamstresses; graphic artists and cartoonists; illustrators; printmakers; watercolourists and other painters.

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Juniors Art Classes

Juniors (Children 8-12yrs)

These classes for children (8 -12yrs) will provide students with an introduction to the basic principles of art and design. Students will be given the opportunity to develop creative ideas and technical skills essential to art making. In these courses, children will be introduced to a variety of techniques and media within two major art disciplines: drawing and painting.

Students will be introduced to different schools of art (historical and contemporary) and will be taught and encouraged to create art in those various styles as a way of learning all aspect of art  and art making. These may include: Renaissance, Baroque, Impressionism, Cubism, Surrealism, and Pop Art.

These courses can be ongoing and provide a pathway into the school’s Folio Preparation classes . All teachers have a comprehensive understanding and experience within VELS (Victorian Essential Learning Standards) and VCE studies.

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Drawing Intensive – Folio Enhancement – 2 Day Class

This 2 day Drawing intensive class is designed to assist those wishing to enhance their folio with large format drawing. Students will explore the design principles such as shape, space and perspective and compositional drawing, with initial A2 drawings and resulting in a final large format drawing. A life drawing model will be incorporated for 4 hours. The class is for any skill base and is aimed at those wishing to add to their folio or those wanting to get ahead in their drawing. The course fee includes high quality 600gsm AO watercolour paper . Students are  to bring willow charcoal and are welcome to bring along any other materials and paper if they have specific needs.

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Painting courses at Rings Road Art Studio aim to provide students with the core skills and techniques required not only to produce paintings, but also to develop visual communication skills in their art. The key principles of colour and of the application of colour are essential tools for the artist. The focus of the school’s painting classes is to assist students to acquire these tools.

Students will be taught to mix and apply paint, and to create colour and compositional harmony in their art works. By examining both classical and contemporary methods of art, students will be assisted to develop their own visual language in paint.

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The printmaking facilities provided at Rings Road Art Studios cater for students from beginners through to established printmakers. The courses offered aim to instil students with the confidence to conduct the various processes required to make limited edition prints, and explore the possibilities of monotype, lino, woodblock and etching processes.

All classes are fully supervised, and practical demonstrations as well as safety demonstrations allow for all to feel comfortable and in control of the many possibilities that printmaking as an artistic medium can offer.

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Private Classes

Private Tuition and Consultations available with artist and director Effie Mandalos

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