Private Tuition

Private one-to-one tuition is available to students who are interested in developing and refining their drawing and painting skills. The teaching will be intensive and focused, and will be tailored to meet students’ individual needs. These can range from specific work required for folio preparation, to pursuing development of skills in specific areas of interest or need.

Private tuition is open to students of all skill levels. Tuition can be ongoing, short-term or on a one-off basis as required. These can be arranged on or off premises. Tuition will be provided by Effie Mandalos.

Cost will be provided on enquiry. Minimum 2 hour tuition.

Private Consultation

Private consultations with Effie Mandalos are available to current or prospective students of Rings Road and/or other institutions, parents, and amateur artists. Consultations can include: suggestions and advice for further study or course selection; assistance to prepare completed folios for presentation; advice and direction on skill development (including identification of strengths and advice on pathways to achieving desired goals); support in choosing appropriate training and courses for students (and/or their parents) wanting to pursue future careers in art making. These can be arranged on or off premises.

Cost will be provided on enquiry. Minimum 30 minutes.

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